Our Story

VIMA is an application designed to carry out motor vehicle inspection for insurance purposes.

The inspection is carried out by our agents who are strategically positioned in all local government areas across the country to enhance proximity. VIMA has undergone a well thought out process to give accurate information on physical condition of vehicle, with pictures of vehicle from different elevations and showing pre-existing accidents and verifying all data submitted.

The request for motor vehicle inspection from our clients run into thousands,hence the need to have a network of inspectors to carry out these inspections.

Our Aim

Our aim is to fill the gap in proffering cost-effective risk solutions driven by technology to underwriting companies, corporations and institutions to reduce inaccurate risk assessment and valuation of assets for insurance purposes. We do this to ensure a more accurate risk profile of commercial and individual clients with a high commitment to superior customer service in line with international best practices.

We Help to Improve the Quality of Motor Underwriting Process

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